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22 June 1987
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    I enjoy using GNU/Linux. I also enjoy web standards, as well as open standards and software in general. To help you decide whether or not I'm an interesting person, here are my standings in several geek wars: vim > emacs, Opera > Firefox, Gnome > KDE.</p>

    "There are plenty of people who believe that Elvis is alive, or that aliens occasionally land here to do highly personal things to people, or that the whole idea of evolution is a conspiracy of godless scientists. Almost all of these people can vote and some of them have got guns." - Terry Pratchett

    My blogger code:
    B8 d t- k+ s u- f i o+ x+ e+ l- c (decode it!)

    Version: 3.1
    GM/O/U/ d-(pu) s-:- a--- C++ P+ L>++ E? W++ N++ o K- w? O- V? PS PE-- Y?
    PGP- t- 5- X+ R tv- b++ DI+ D+ G->-- e-> h!>+ r++ y+
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    "We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further." - Richard Dawkins

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